Mission Statement

To provide services for the preservation and protection of life and property during fires which occur within the boundaries of the Deer Mountain Fire Protection District and to provide education and training for firefighters within the district.

To insure that EMT Basic and Advanced services be provided to proudly serve our citizens and each other with dedication, integrity, dependability, courage and respect. Provide education and training for EMTs within the district.

Core Values



  • The Deer Mountain Fire Protection District was formed in November 1985, after the Deer Mountain Volunteer Fire Department (formed in 1984) realized a need for expansion and tax revenues to continue providing emergency response to a growing community. A Special Election was held on November 19, 1985 in a motor home at the small Country Store. Eighty-two residents voted that day with 68 for and 14 against the special district formation.


  • The first board members were Ed Huffman, John Mueller, John Kauffman, Arleen Weber, and Tom Waldron. After the Oath of Office, Ed Huffman was elected Chairman.


  • The first year was hard work with many volunteer hours contributed. In September, 1986, John Kauffman petitioned and was awarded a grant of $30,000 from the Mineral Impact Board to enlarge the one bay fire station, purchase two trucks and equipment, and install utilities.


  • The Deer Mountain Fire Department maintained a volunteer station for over 25 years and has had as few as 7 Firefighters. Today the department has approximately 21 Firefighters, State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians, a Paramedic and drivers. The Station houses 8 vehicles ranging from Brush Trucks to Attack Tenders that carry water supplies.


  • The Department also is fortunate to have very important support groups, including the DMVFDA. Community members act as auxiliary members who help and periodically hold fundraisers for the Fire Department.


  • In February 1988, the town of Coaldale, about 26 miles NW of Station 1, joined the Deer Mountain Fire Protection District. While Coaldale was in the District, they served the western end of Fremont County with 12 to 16 Firefighters. In May of 2008, Coaldale left the DMFPD and started the Western Fremont Fire Protection District.


  • In December of 1989, the town of Cotopaxi petitioned the DMFPD Board to join the District and was accepted in January 1990. The town of Cotopaxi has approximately 500 resident and about 12 miles of US Highway 50 and the Arkansas River. This station is also responsible for fighting fires at the Cotopaxi School, grades K-12. The Fire Station today has 7 volunteers and 4 vehicles. The small rural Community was growing and the District was now in full swing. In 1989 another grant was used to build the Fire Station in Cotopaxi.


  • Over the next few years the District had very little change. Late in 1998 they received a Colorado Lottery Grant and added a Community/Training Hall at Station 1. 


  • On June 2, 2002 the District experienced a very large fire on Iron Mountain. Approximately 4,400 woodland acres and 100 homes and out-buildings were destroyed. Fortunately, there was no loss of human life. After the fire, a review of procedures resulted in the District expanding training on the Urban-Wildland Interface. New training requirements meeting the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) qualifications were instituted.


  • The next large fire was above the town of Coaldale on BLM land. The fire started lightning in September 2007 burned around 340 acres. BLM officers used the fire as a mitigation project. 


  • In May of 2008, the Ferguson Fire erupted and exhibited the same weather patterns and fire conditions as the Iron Mountain Fire. Fortunately, only 380 acres were destroyed. This was due in part to better equipment and a higher level of training. Both the Iron Mountain and the Ferguson Fires were within our district’s boundaries.

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