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Non-Voting Employees of the District

  -  Secretary 

  -  Fire Chief

Chairman - OPEN

(Mike Hammons appointed on April 28, 2022 and resignation accepted on July 2, 2022)

Vice Chairman - Kathy Reese

(Appointed July 2, 2022)

I am originally from Michigan, then migrated to Texas, Florida and moved to Colorado 14 years ago.  My work experience varies as my background is in bookkeeping, retail, finance, real estate and I have owned and co-owned multiple businesses. I have had previous experience with government entities. 

Treasurer - Sherry Hastings

(Appointed July 2, 2022)

Communications & Construction - OPEN

(Mike McKay appointed on April 28, 2022 and resignation accepted on July 2,2022)

Assistant Treasurer - Gretchen Abel

(Appointed July 2, 2022)

Interim Fire Chief  - Rick Cleveland

(Appointed on April 28, 2022)

Secretary - Anita Gregg

I am originally from rural Pennsylvania. My husband Scott and I are the proud parents to two great kids. We moved to Colorado in 1993 to provide them with a better quality of life. We purchased our land in the mountains in the summer of 2008 and moved into our log home in 2016. We have traveled quite a bit over the years and choosing to retire in the beauty we discovered here was not a hard decision. 

My B.A. in Business Administration has helped in all of my professional life, but especially as a small business owner. I have worked 18 years within Colorado school districts. Working in education, I have learned that communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are essential skills for success. These skills I use daily and bring to my position as recording secretary.

Oversight Committee Lead - Rachel Vinson

Rachel coordinates questions or concerns between the community and board members.  

Please contact her at: